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Large or small, your pet's health and happiness depend on qualities only you can provide.

Professional veterinary care, a sound diet, exercise, fun and the services of a conscientious, skilled groomer are the key essentials.

Just add lots of love...

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Welcome to A Gentle Touch Grooming & Styling

Located in Santa Rosa, California, A Gentle Touch has been in operation since 2000. My small clients hail from all areas of Sonoma County's Wine Country and the North Bay area. This site is a companion to the services offered by A Gentle Touch and seeks to provide helpful and interesting info about grooming and pets in general. Whether you're a cherished customer or found A Gentle Touch by other means, I hope you'll enjoy the site and return often.

Why Only Small Pets?

And how small is a small pet anyway?

Good question, one I'm often asked as owner and primary groomer at A Gentle Touch. Where size is concerned, under fifteen pounds (give or take) is the the short, sweet answer.

Large or small, I love 'em all but small pets have greater needs...

All pets are entitled to kind, humane treatment - No exception! It's a big world. To tiny pets, humans can seem like giants! They have greater needs for gentler handling simply because of their delicate physical structure. They tire faster than larger breeds and often need extra breaks, time-outs. Unfamiliar surroundings can scare them or put them on the defense. They're often very sensitive to temperature change, loud noises, unexpected change.

Simply put, they're more fragile - especially puppies, kittens, elderly pets and those convalescing from illness or injury.

Larger grooming establishments tend to place more emphasis on time than patience. This isn't to say little pets are mistreated at commercial grooming salons. Sometimes, though, in the time-equals-money rush, their need for extra special consideration is overlooked.

Dedicated to Superior, Unrushed Grooming!

At A Gentle Touch the policy is One Pet At a Time. No pet enjoys being rushed. Therefore I only accept appointments one pet at a time. The only exception is for clients with multiple pets. Depending on their condition and any special considerations, I'll groom " same family " pets on the same day but not simultaneously.

If you need a " rush job " call any commercial groomer. They'll be happy for your business.

A Gentle Touch makes and keeps a simple promise: Quality grooming at reasonable rates guaranteed to make you and your precious pet happy.

Please visit my Contact Page for appointments and more info about A Gentle Touch.

You and your pet will be happy you did!